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Katarina Jahlitz

From: Sweden

Joined: March 08, 2009

Web: www.ateljecinnamon.se



I started to paint with Indian ink and oil. Nowadays I paint in acrylic and I also use my computer to make digital art.
I’m educated in Web design and Desktop Publishing.

When I think “graphic” I think soft and round, I think black and white, movement and stillness, human being or animal. The Indian ink flows.
I leave it to the observer to interpret. Everything is relative – apparently…

For me Digital art is a natural way of expressing. Colour and forms meets in endless variations. Out there it’s so much that’s inspired me and gives me power to create my art.

If you want to know the price of my art you can send me an e-mail

My private webpage are at www.ateljecinnamon.se

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