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From: Poland

Joined: January 17, 2011

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NIKOLAUS HIRSCHMANNAdolf PenLeslie Frank HollanderMimmo Migliore


painter, sociologist, journalist,
- 06.1991 "Fairy" individual in Warsaw 
 - 07.1996 „Cell and Kosmos” indyvidual, USA, New York, The Landon Gallery, Broadway 

- 09.1997 „Psychodelic Travel "with John Wellington, the United States, N. York, Polish Consulate 

- 05.1998 „Women from different parts of the world's "collective, U.S., N. York Polish Consulate 

- 10.1998 „Strength of the subconscious "individual, the United States, Washington, The Amber Gallery 

- 05.1999 „Meditations" individual, the USA, New Jersey, Presbyterian Church 
 - 07.2002 „I feel music "Individual, France, Besançon 

- 07.2003 „Emotions "Individual, France, Bourges 

- 10.2004 „Icons of plants” individual, Warsaw, Club Chimera 

- 06.2005 „Icons of plants” individual, Warsaw, Gallery She 

- 09.2007 „Between the Sacred and the Profane ” with Maciej Ratajczak, Warsaw University Library 

- 02.2008 „Chronicle of night flights” individual Raszyn Gallery of Art Exhibitions 

- 03.2008 „ Female"collective Raszyn Gallery of Art Exhibitions 

- 0.7.2008 „Touch"- an individual in the Alternative Cafe Gallery in Warsaw - - 08.2008 „Prelude Articles pub" collective, Warsaw, Alternative Cafe 

- 09.1988 Group exhibition in BWA in Olsztyn
-09.2009 "Year" individual exhibition, Autograph Gallery, Warsaw
- 06.2010 „Synesteticon. Between the senses”, indyvidual exhibition, Domoteka Warsaw,
-07.2010„ She- love-kamasutra” indywidual, PoemaCafe, Poznań
contact: mamczur.maria@gmail.com

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she and silver fishes
she and cherries
she and tulips
she and praline
she and coffe
she and the apples
she and the cats
She and the blue birds

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